Sale and Clearance Stitching and Supplies

Sale and Clearance Stitching and Supplies

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Customer Testimony - December 2020

This is a big thank you for having a sale on some of your designs. I bought several of them as a Christmas present to myself so I can make them for giftgiving next Christmas!

During this pandemic so many have fallen on hard times. The two very part-time jobs, I had to bring in extra cash to help my family, disappeared because of the virus. However, I'm retired so I'm blessed to have an adequate income to provide for most of my needs. It's those little extras that have to fall by the wayside including the quantity of my gift giving.

However, your sale made it possible for me to work throughout the upcoming new year to provide lovely homemade gifts for next Christmas. My children had to stay apart, for the first time, this holiday season and I pray we will be together again next Christmas. I will have the most wonderful gifts to give them.

I looked at all your sale items and realized I couldn't decide between certain ones, so I bought the nine designs I know my children, sisters, and pastors will love.

I've purchased one kit from you in the past and my sister just loved it when she opened her homemade gift a few years back. I know I will purchase more in the future... thinking about doing some name blessings.

I downloaded and saved the files and already printed each pattern and have them tucked away until I'll begin one in juat a few weeks in January. Again, thank you for the sale.

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your kin,


Spring Sale at Joyful Expressions

New Design - The Books Of The Bible - Two Colorways ½ Off for $4.00

Books of The Bible

Colorful Version

Books of The Bible

Blues Version


265 x 447 stitches - If stitched on 14 count Aida or 28 count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands) 19 x 32 inches - 48 x 81 cm.

If stitched on 16 count Aida or 32 count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands) 17 x 28 inches.

Sale runs through the end of July.

New Designer Angela Webster - New Design - Three Colorway Choices!

A NEW HEART Ezekiel 36:26
View Larger and/or Order

PDF Chart or Complete Kit

New addition to our 8 x 10 inch gallery.
Design size 112 x 140 stitches based on 14 count Aida or 28 count Evenweave (over 2 strands).
Fits a standard "Off The Shelf" frame.

Instant download PDF charts sale priced at $4.00.

Complete Kits sale priced at $13 - $18 (depending upon fabric choice).

Custom For You Charts half off

Eleven Custom For You Designs ½ Off - Just $4.00 PDF Charts

All but one design finish to a standard frame size of 8 x 10 inches if stitched on 14 count aida or 28 count evenweave or linen (over 2).

Go to Gallery Four

One more 5 x 7 inch design in Gallery Two

Odds and Ends charts

Miscellaneous sized charts at 1/2 Off - Seven Designs added recently!

21 designs to choose from (near bottom of the page).

8 x 10 inch cross stitch designs

Popular 8 x 10 inch designs marked down permanently half Off from $6 to $3 each (near bottom of the page).

More designs added recently! 26 to chose from.

Faith Masks

Sale priced at $8 each - only a few left.

A Joyful Expression ― To Wear ― Protect ― Share Your Faith!

Each mask is just $10.00 $8.00 with Free Shipping Everywhere!

Operation Orange Ribbon Kept at Sale prices
Charts $4 and Kits $12

The design finishes to a standard frame size of 8 x 10" based on 14 count Aida or 28 count Even Weave or Linen (over 2) 20.3 x 25.4cm - 140 x 112 stitches. No Custom Framing Needed!

Jesse French, founder of Operation Orange Ribbon, started this grass roots effort to raise awareness for persecuted Christians overseas.

Why Orange? Because orange is the color of the jumpsuits worn by the 21 Christians beheaded by ISIS in 2015.

Christian persecution has risen in the 21st century to the highest level since biblical times. 200 million Christians live under some form of persecution or government discrimination. Christians are being killed in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria and other nations.

Another organization serving persecuted Christians is The Voice of the Martyrs. My husband and I have helped support VOM for many years. What we appreciate is that this group comes alongside family members of the persecuted to provide relief and support.


Clearance Bobbins

Janlynn® Cardboard Floss Bobbins - 50 per Bag

Years ago I had purchased hundreds of bags of blank bobbins for a hoped for order of kits for Hobby Lobby. The sale never went through. Realizing that I have more bobbins then could ever be used in my lifetime, I'm now offering these to you.

Factor in the Free Shipping and you will see that these Janlynn® bobbins are at a lower cost than nearly anywhere else, especially when you order in larger quantities. $2.00 - $4.00 per bag of 50 bobbins.