8 x 10" (20.3 x 25.5 cm) on 14 count Aida
Psalm 34:18
Scripture Version Paraphrased

Rated Customer's Favorite

Brokenhearted - Psalm 34:18
Large, 5 Page Color Chart - 9 Floss Colors, DMC or Anchor
Skill Level Intermediate

Customer Comments...

Dear Sandra

Thank you very much for the lovely cross-stich kit (the brokenhearted one) - I received it over a week ago, and am making excellent progress.

Some comments about doing it: I really appreciated the generous amount of fabric and thread. I ended up using a thinner needle than the one in the kit too. And I really enjoyed and was blessed by stitching a Bible verse - something I'm definitely planning to do again in future.

I hope my friend will also be delighted by the result - and even if she isn't, at least I was!

Blessings and peace

Jeanine Shepstone

Brokenhearted  -  Psalm 34:18

Brokenhearted stitched by Tracy Smith

We have a prayer partner ministry at our church. Adults sign up to pray for a student in K-12 grade. I chose to pray for our Pastor's oldest daughter, Jovi. In March of 2016, our Pastor's almost 4-year old daughter died suddenly. It was such a deep grief for their family and our entire church body!

Jovi was only 7 ½ years old when that happened. I started a circle journal with Jovi a few years ago. It's just a composition notebook that we take turns writing to each other in. Sometimes I will design a scrapbook page in it or make up a word search or crossword puzzle, just different fun things! That's where I learned that Jovi's favorite Bible verse is Psalm 34:18. When I looked it up, I cried! It broke my heart that such a young girl knew anything about a broken heart or being crushed in spirit. But then I realized PRAISE GOD that HE is the comfort she has to cling to!

Her dad e-mailed me: "Jovi showed me what you made for her (I'm not sure the right term....embroidery? excuse me being a guy...), but it nearly brought me to tears. Seriously, your love and connection with her is such a gift to me." It was a Christmas gift and Jovi loved it!

Thanks for the beautiful design Brokenhearted and also for your generous offer to send me another skein of floss to finish the project in time for Christmas!

So glad I decided to get back into cross stitching after taking a decades long break!

Merry Christmas!

Tracy Smith
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Brokenhearted  - White

Brokenhearted stitched by Diane Higdon

Brokenhearted stitched by Diane Higdon

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