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What is a Copyright? ©
A copyright protects original work of authorship such as a picture, drawing, graphics, software program, written work, sculpture, song, or photograph. Copyright law prevents you from copying another's copyrighted work for any purpose such as, but not limited to, making things based on the copyrighted work, distributing copies of the copyrighted work, publicly performing the copyrighted work, displaying the copyrighted work, and transmitting over the internet or in another media. Copyright law protects the expression of one's idea.

What is a Trademark? ®
A trademark is a word, name, symbol, logo, or other device that identifies the goods or services of a given person, organization, company, or corporation and distinguishes them from the goods or services of other persons or companies. Trademark law prevents unauthorized use of an existing trademark (such as the name of a musical group or artist) on your merchandise, for profit or otherwise to promote goods, services or events because such use will cause the consumer or participant to believe that the trademark owner has approved of, or endorsed the goods, services or event. A trademark is someone's brand.

Sources for Information
For additional information on Copyrights, please visit the United States Copyright Office Library of Congress at For additional information on Trademarks, please visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office at For general questions about Intellectual Property Rights (copyrights/trademarks), please visit the Nolo Law center at

Joyful Expressions
All designs by Joyful Expressions are copyright protected. Permissions may be granted for duplication or other uses by contacting the designer, Sandra Schueller.

Bible Verse Permissions
Joyful Expressions has permissions to use the following Bible versions in the designs:

NASB - New American Standard
LBLA - La Biblia de las Américas
RSV - Revised Standard Version
NIV - New International Version
NKJV - New King James Version

All other verses used are either paraphrased or are in the public domain such as KJV - King James Version