Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit cross stitch design

This design is the same size as "His Name is Jesus", "Jehovah" and "Su Nombre"
14w X 11h inches (35.6 x 27.9cm) 196w X 154h Stitches on 14 Count Aida or 28 Count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands)

If stitched on 16 count aida or 32 count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands) 12 ¼ x 9 ⅝. Design fits a standard 12 x 16" frame or a 16 x 20" frame with a mat.

Holy Spirit stitches up quickly as the entire design is just cross stitches.
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate

Like "His Name is Jesus", you may stitch this design in any three complimentary colors from dark to light.
The stitched sample was created in three shades of Antique Blue.

Carol Hagy wrote me asking if I could create a design with the characteristics of the Holy Spirit.
After prayer and research, I had a list of key attributes
and it was natural to model this new design after "His Name is Jesus"
with Holy Spirit in a bold cursive font as the focal point,
surrounded by the representative qualities.


Order the large, easy to follow chart spanning 5 pages for $8.00

More Information

Holy Spirit stitched by Teresa Brown

Posted on Facebook by Teresa Brown...

Thought you would like to see. I have my First Finish for 2016. Started March 17, 2016 and finished September 26, 2016. "HOLY SPIRIT" by Joyful Expressions It's done in over-dyed floss by ThreadWorx: The words are "Rocky Mountain" and Holy Spirit is "Dust to Dust" The fabric is Silkweaver Hand-dyed Opalescent 16 ct Aida "Winter Skye"

Holy Spirit stitched by Teresa Brown

Here is Holy spirit stitched by Teresa Brown framed.

Holy Spirit stitched by Teresa Brown on an altar table

Wanted to give you an update on "Holy Spirit". I presented it to my church last Sunday, Dec.18th on the 5 year Anniversary of my Reaffirmation of Faith. Here it is on the Alter table in the Sanctuary.


Teresa L. Brown :-)

Holy Spirit stitched by Sandra Sasser

Holy Spirit in Prayer Room stitched by Sandra Sasser

Holy Spirit stitched by Sandra Sasser for church prayer room. She stitched this with 14 count, Antique white fabric and used DMC floss, 311, 312, 322.

Holy Spirit stitched by Vicki Giger

Holy Spirit stitched by Vicki Giger

Holy Spirit Stitched by Pam Briere

I used DMC threads 321, 902 and 815 (the colours found in DMC Varigate #115). I thought the red especially represented the fire associated with the Holy Spirit, yet warm and comforting. I look forward to stitching many more charts.


Pam Briere

Ottawa, Canada

Holy Spirit stitched by Kelly McMahan

Stitched by Kelly McMahan in DMC 317, 318, and 415

Holy Spirit stitched by Melissa Turner

I used J & P Coats medium mauve (#3087), mauve (#3088) and (I think) very dark mauve (#3089). (I no longer have the wrapper for the very dark mauve.) The medium mauve is actually lighter that the mauve color. So, from light to dark, it goes #3087, #3088, #3089.

I felt led to do this project during the pandemic to help ease my mind and to learn new names for the Holy Spirit. It was a joy to do this!

Melissa Turner

Holy Spirit stitched by Andre Williams

Holy Spirit stitched by Andre Williams

Holy Spirit Stitched by Donna Wright

Email from Donna:

Just finished framing and love the rainbow colors with this frame. I finished this beautiful design in a week. Enjoyed the design so much I couldn't wait to see the completed project. Frame was perfect. Can't wait to start my next one. Keep them coming, I love giving them to churches and pastors. Sincerely, Donna Wright, Eastern Shore, VA

Donna Posted on Facebook:

Just finished the Holy Spirit design and finished it in a week. Couldn't put it down... Just had to see how it turned out. Used rainbow colors of left over thread on 14 ct. Frame from Hobby Lobby $15.00 - so inexpensive but so beautiful.....a treasure. Wanted to give it as a gift but love it so much I'm keeping it. Going to start another right away. Bless you all for making these Christian treasures available.

Holy Spirit stitched by Patricia Brooks


I would be honored to have my work displayed. All the pieces I do are gifted and primarily scripture or God related. I enjoy being able to spend hours praying over my pieces and the person they're for as I work.

The Holy Spirit details:

36 cnt Vintage French Lilac Linen
554 DMC Light Violet (replaced 932)
553 DMC Violet (replaced 931)
550 DMC Very Dark Violet (replaced 930)

The photo was taken on a dark background for personal archiving which lost the beauty of the purple threads on the lilac linen. This piece was a gift for my pastor's wife.

Patricia Brooks

Holy Spirit stitched by Tamara Suttle

Photo sent in by Tamara Suttle - see her comments below.

When I got the email that this pattern was released, I couldn't click "add to cart" quickly enough. I had already done His Name is Jesus. I chose the fabric and thread colors to represent the "consuming fire" that is the Holy Spirit. I cannot wait to start Jehovah.


Tamara used the following materials:

The Jobelan fabric is by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie and the color is Tropical 28 count 2x2. Two of the threads are by Fiberlicious and they are Shades of Red and Shades of Red Pastel. The darker solid thread is Weeks Dyed and the color is Merlot.

Holy Spirit stitched by Elizabeth Magee

Photo sent in by Elizabeth Magee

It does have some errors I am just learning cross stitch. It's helping me with a serious health condition by focusing on the Lord during the trial. I'm doing His Name is Jesus next. It's soothing to think of scriptures during this time of testing.


Elizabeth I. Magee

To _Him _Be _All _Glory Honor and Praise!

Holy Spirit stitched by Debbie Santos

i really enjoy stitching these they are so much fun to do. The numbers i used for this one was DMC 3685, 3687, 3689

thank you and god bless

debby duarte

Holy Spirit stitched by Sandra Sasser

Done for daughter, Tina.

Sandra Sasser

Holy Spirit stitched by Melinda Heim

Stitched by Melinda Heim - DMC desert sand marbled 14-count aida with variegated red/brick/burgundy/pink shades of floss

Holy Spirit stitched by Sanyi Davis


I finished this for my friend, she fell in love with the pillow case. I used bright white 14" Aida, DMC floss is 816 Garnet, 3371 Black Brown, and 3782 Mocha Brown-LT

Sanyi Davis

Holy Spirit stitched by Carolyn McGuire


After a hiatus with my stitching, I resumed a flurry of flossing in the autumn. I had forgotten that the Holy Sprit stitching I had completed in 2019 had been washed, ironed, and waiting on framing in my closet.

May the Lord bless you abundantly in 2022. Thank you for sharing your gift of art with us.

In Christ,


Holy Spirit Stitched by Chris Dickey

Holy Spirit Stitched by Chris Dickey

DMC colors used

Wisdom/Convicter 991
Promise/Empowerer Peace 993
Powerful/Teacher/Comforter 995
Love/Strength 321
Intercessor/Joy 600
Omnipresent/omniscient 603
Eternal Glory/Hope 333
Holy Spirit 211
All Knowing 946
Guide/Helper 803

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