Jeová Senhor - Jehovah in Portuguese

Espiriti Santo Jehovah in Portuguese

15w X 10-⅝h in. (38 x 29cm) 210w X 149h Stitches on 14 Count Aida or 28 Count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands) . If stitched on 16 Count Aida or 28 Count Evenweave or Linen (over 2 strands) 12 ¾ x 9 in. (29.1.36 x 22.8cm)

Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate

You may stitch this design in any three complimentary colors from dark to light.
The sample was created in three shades of Wedgewood Blue.

Portuguese is spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Perhaps you help support missionaries in one of these countries. Can you imagine what a thoughtful gift this cross stitch design would be?

Order the large, easy to follow chart spanning 5 pages for strike>$8.00Sale $4.00

More Information

Stitch the Trinity with these two additional designs "His Name is Jesus" in Portuguese "Seu Nome é Jesus" and "Holy Spirit" in Portuguese "Espirito Santo"

If you like this design, stitch also Jehovah in English or Jehovah in Spanish.

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