Fueraz Dignidad

Los Proverbios 31:25

Version de Biblia - Parafraseado

5 x 7 pulgadas o 13 x 8cm (puntadas de 70 x 98)

Fueraz Dignidad - Los Proverbios 31:25

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Stitched by Melissa Brobst

Sample Stitched by Melissa Brobst

Strength Dignity in Spanish stitched by Nora A

Dear Sandra,

I just finished framing the pattern for Proverbs 31:25 in Spanish. I love it because it is a great encouragement to keep my eyes on the things above. The sunflower is beautiful, it took me a little longer than expected, but it is done! So bright and colorful. It is right now hanging in my tiny studio in front of the computer.

Thank you