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COFFEE Acrostic . Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere

Designed due to a suggestion from Lois Webb whose daughter owns a coffee shop and wanted to give her something special for the business. This Acrostic design was fun to create and should be just as fun to stitch. The perfect friendship gift for coffee lovers!


C.O.F.F.E.E. finishes to a standard frame size of 8 x 10 inches based on 14 count Aida or 28 count Even Weave or Linen (over 2) 20.3 x 25.4cm - 112 x 140 stitches. No Custom Framing Needed!

Charted in 6 colors, either DMC or Anchor, spanning 5 pages, this design looks great stitched on white or vintage.

Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate

COFFEE stitched by Deanna Noonan

I am sending you a photo of a wall hanging I made from your COFFEE pattern. It is for our friends who are devote followers of Jesus and recently started their own coffee roasting business. It seemed like the perfect match. I used light green aida 14 ct.

Deanna Noonan

COFFEE stitched by Yvette Heintz as a banner

I absolutely love the C.O.F.F.E.E. Acrostic pattern and had to stitch it for the space above the counter where I keep my coffee machine. Unfortunately, framed it would barely fit in that space! So I took the liberty of rearranging the design by stacking it to fit the space and made it into a banner. I added a simple border and a homemade tassel, but it seemed I had more space at the bottom than needed so I added a cross to represent Christ just as the beautiful cup represents the coffee Acrostic. Voila!

Yvette Heintz

Chart Download for $6.00

Available as a Complete Kit with 14 ct Aida for $17.00 or 28 ct Linen for $22.00

Fabric Choices

White 14 ct Aida

Rustico 14 ct Aida

Antique White
28 ct Linen

Raw Natural
28 ct Linen

Kits include a multi-page Color Chart, Zweigart Fabric (14 count Aida or 28 count Linen), Anchor Floss and a Tapestry Needle.

COFFEE Acrostic . Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere

Email from a customer:

Dear Sandra,

Thank you very much! I'm hoping to stitch it (after the new year!) for my son, a church musician, who often jokes that coffee is his "drug of choice."

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Don Stanley

COFFEE stitched by Donna Wolfe

I have a local coffee shop that I frequent. Over the years we have created a friendship. We pray for each other's families and other customer's. I had been wanting to stitch something for him, but could never find the right pattern. As soon as I saw COFFEE, I knew I had to stitch it for him. He uses his coffee business as a ministry to our community. It was perfect!

Barbara Wolfe

COFFEE stitched by Tanara Suttle

COFFEE stitched by Tanara Suttle

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