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Designer: Sandra Schueller

F requently A sked Q uestions
    • I don't want to order online using PayPal, do you Accept Personal Checks and/or Money Orders?
    • Certainly, simply email us with what designs you are interested in, and we will provide an address to remit your payment.

    • If I order a Chart, do you Mail it to me or is it a File Download?

      The Charts are in PDF file format to Download. You will have access to a Download Link which is emailed, after you complete the PayPal shopping cart purchase. You may open and print the charts almost immediately rather than waiting for the charts to be mailed. The savings costs are reflected in lower chart prices to you. PDF charts can be opened in the free Adobe Reader - click here if you need the reader.

      If you need a printed copy, there will be an additional charge of .50 per page plus shipping.

    • How do I order a Custom Bible Verse Design?

      Go to our Custom for You page, choose a border in Landscape or Portrait as well as the fabric color choice (if ordering a kit), add your selection to the PayPal Shopping Cart.

      The last screen of the PayPal Shopping cart contains a Message Box. Please type in the Bible verse desired exactly as you would want it phrased in the design.

      We will begin working on your custom design and will send a "snapshot" for your approval before finalizing into a chart and/or kit.

    • How do I order a Name Blessings design ?

      First, visit the Name Blessings page to see if your desired Name is already created in a design. There are almost 200 names already! If your desired Name is available and you like the design, you may order it immediately as a downloadable Chart or as a Complete Kit.

      If your name is not listed and/or you prefer a different Bible verse and/or Border, simply email us. We can send you several suggestions for Name Meanings and Bible verses. Click Here to view the Border Choices.

      Like the Custom For You designs, we send you "snapshots" of your custom design before finalizing as a Chart and/or Complete Kit. If you had not used the PayPal Shopping Cart for your order, we can send you an email PayPal bill or make arrangements for you to send a personal check or money order.

    • What is Counted Cross Stitching and how do I do it?

      We have Illustrated Instructions on our website as well as a short video provided by Yarn Tree to help you learn three basic stitches. The Cross Stitch X, the Back Stitch - - - , and the French Knot .

      If you have your own supplies, there are several Free Designs such as the "1 + 3 = Forgiven", bookmark that are good beginner projects as well.

    • Can I make copies of the Joyful Expressions Designs that I have Purchased and Share them with Friends?

      You may make additional copies of a purchased design for your use only. You may NOT distribute the charts on a website, blog or through email.

      You may NOT make additional copies to share with others without written permission from Joyful Expressions. We have granted permissions for small Bible Study and Craft Groups to make multiple copies.

      Our designs are copyright protected and we have permissions established to use several Bible verse versions in our designs. The Joyful Expressions Name, Website URL, Logo, as well as any Graphic Images are also protected. For more in depth information about Copyrights and Trademarks, Click Here The commissioned custom designs we have created such as the Name Blessings and Custom For You designs are the copyright property of Joyful Expressions.

Stitching Service

If you don't have the time to personally stitch your ordered design, Trish Estes, Vicki Giger or Penny Pfister will be glad to stitch it for you. The below price quotes include the materials (Aida in white or vintage and floss) as well as the stitching time. Floral or Butterfly Border - $50. Falling Blocks Border - $45. Scroll (one or two) or Trellis or Ribbon Borders - $25. There will be an additional charge of $7 if shipping in the U.S. as well as the cost of the custom design of $12.

Contact Joyful Expressions to make arrangements.

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Customer Comments:

Your designs are truly a blessing from God!! I have also been searching for patterns that are not "cutsie"
and have had terrible trouble finding something. Your work is beautiful & an inspiration. Please continue to "create".

May God richly bless you in all that you do!

Holly Roberts

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